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What is IntimaLase®?

IntimaLase® is a unique, patent-pending Er:YAG laser therapy for incisionless, non-invasive photothermal tightening of the vaginal canal. Clinical studies have shown that IntimaLase is an efficient, easy-to-perform, and safe procedure.

The indication for IntimaLase is vaginal relaxation syndrome, which is the loss of the optimum structural form of the vagina. This condition is generally associated with overstretching of the vaginal canal during childbirth as well as with natural aging.

How does IntimaLase® work?

  • Fotona’s 2940 nm Er:YAG non-ablative laser with proprietary “Smooth-mode” technology thermally affects the vaginal tissue, stimulating collagen remodeling and the synthesis of new collagen fibers in the vaginal mucosa tissue and collagen-rich endopelvic fascia.
  • The final result of collagen neogenesis and remodeling is tightening of the vaginal canal.

Unique advantages of IntimaLase® for your patients

As a non-ablative, minimally invasive procedure with Er:YAG, IntimaLase™ also represents a safer, faster and more patient-friendly solution that avoids the undesirable complications present with other vaginal tightening methods.

Clinical results show a tightened vaginal canal, greater sexual satisfaction and significant improvement in a patient’s quality of life.

Usually two sessions are recommended. No special pre-op preparation or post-op precautions are necessary. Patients can immediately return to their normal everyday activities.

Exceptional clinical results

The latest scientific results (see the Library tab) clearly show great improvements in vaginal tightness and sexual gratification.

  • 95% assessed the change of their vaginal tightness as strongly or moderately improved after IntimaLase treatment.
  • Average shrinkage of vaginal canal after IntimaLase treatment was 17%.
  • High level of patient satisfaction (97%).

Clinical results prove that the fast and easy-to-perform IntimaLase treatment is an effective, non-invasive procedure with no undesired side effects or contraindications.

Getting started with IntimaLase®

Training in IntimaLase is provided through the Laser and Health Academy* as a stand-alone training workshop under the guidance of experts in medical laser technology. The extensive workshop, where participants engage in live demonstrations and gain an in-depth understanding of laser physics and laser-tissue interaction, will provide the needed insight into the fundamentals of the IntimaLase treatment and other procedures that can be performed with this special Er:YAG laser system.


“Following a global evolution toward minimally-invasive and patient-friendly procedures, a new protocol for vaginal tightening “Intimalase” has been developed that can provide patient vaginal rejuvenation, avoiding undesirable complications that are present in more invasive treatment alternatives such as CO2 laser.”

Adrian Gaspar, Md,
Mendoza University, Argentina
(at the FIGO lecture, Rome 2012)

"As an experienced gynecologist with more than 30 years of practice, I felt really excited when I was introduced to this novel, extremely innovative laser technology for the treatment of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome. After doing the procedure for one year I can say that IntimaLase is a great solution for vaginal tightening. Many of my patients highly praise the therapy for its minimal invasiveness and noticeable improvements in their sexual gratification. For me this is a simple, safe and efficacious procedure which enabled me to broaden the range of aesthetic gynecological therapies our clinic offers."

Ivan Fistonic, MD, PhD
Fistonic Gynecology Clinic
Zagreb, Croatia



IntimaLase® and other aesthetic gynecology treatments can be performed with the following Fotona laser systems:

  • The FotonaSmooth SP multi-application laser system from Fotona provides a single, uniquely capable gynecology solution that combines the power of the industry's highest performance Er:YAG, Nd:YAG and QCW* Nd:YAG lasers, ideal for treating all gynecological applications plus a wide range of other treatments in aesthetics, dermatology, and surgery.

  • The FotonaSmooth XS Er:YAG laser offers the power and precision to perform an impressive range of non-contact, non-invasive gynecological procedures with greater patient comfort, reduced downtime and quicker healing. In addition to gynecology treatments, the FotonaSmooth XS is also a powerful skin rejuvenation solution, with functions ranging from superficial to deep peels, from non-ablative to fully ablative and from full-field to fractional resurfacing.

Superior Performance

Both the FotonaSmooth SP and XS systems are equipped with a high performance VSP Er:YAG laser that ablates tissue efficiently and can be accurately tuned to varying “cold” ablation and non-ablative thermal ratios. Full customizability allows you to precisely attain the clinical outcomes your patients require.

The complementary Nd:YAG laser on FotonaSmooth SP systems penetrates deeply to create thermal effects without damaging the skin surface. Compared to conventional Nd:YAG technologies, Fotona’s proprietary VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology creates virtually instantaneous temperature increases that are limited to the targeted structures only. No unnecessary energy is deposited into the tissue.

Handpieces & Accessories

Fotona's specially designed, innovative handpiece technology allows safe, precisely controlled and effective delivery of laser pulses to the treatment area. More information about handpieces and other accessories is available on the above product pages.

Clinical Results

A selection of before & after photographs taken by Fotona's reference practitioners.


  • Vaginal Canal Tightening

    Vaginal Canal Tightening
  • Vaginal Tightening

    Vaginal Tightening

Scientific & Clinical Research:

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Additional Resources: visit the Laser and Health Academy* website for further information about medical laser treatments that can be performed with Fotona laser systems.

All Fotona medical lasers are CE marked and cleared for sale in the EU. For countries where specific national approvals or clearances are required (for example by the FDA in the United States), some of the products and/or applications may not have been cleared yet. Similarly, local patents may limit usage for certain technologies and applications. Please check with Fotona, your local Fotona distributor or your national regulatory body to find out whether a specific product or application is available for sale and use in your country. If you are a US visitor please click here.

* The Laser and Health Academy (LA&HA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and education of lasers in medicine. The main intent of the LA&HA website is to facilitate an exchange of information on the views, research results, and clinical experiences within the medical laser community. The contents of the contributions on the LA&HA website may not in any circumstances be regarded as official product information by Fotona.