Rangefinder Binoculars With Electronic Compass

Metrix is a modern high-performance multifunctional electro-optical instrument for the 21st-century soldier. It combines binocular observation, distance measurement and north finding in one compact unit.

Prompt and continuous situational awareness of a well-equipped soldier or a small army unit is becoming a condition of survival on the 21st century battlefield. Position determination, target location and other field measurements are but a few activities that become simple by the aid of the versatile members of Metrix family of laser binoculars. In addition, digital data can be transferred from Metrix to other equipment at hand. When connected into a tactical communication network, Metrix supports the concept of digitised battlefield by bringing digitisation down to individual soldiers.


Laser rangefinder: Measures distances up to 20 km (depending on model, visibility and target features).
Binoculars: Superb optics with 7x magnification. Metrix utilizes binocular vision and reduces eye strain.
Digital compass: Displays magnetic azimuth and tilt angle.

Eyes of the digitised battlefield.

Metrix is a robust, light weight, high-performance binocular instrument for observation and terrain assessment in which stereoscopic view through excellent optics is supplemented with the capability of instantly measuring distances and topographic angles to objects in view. The design is based on state of the art Er:glass laser technology mastered by Fotona and on 40 years of continuous innovative development and production of laser based survey instruments.

Metrix is equipped with a powerful yet eye safe Er:glass laser which offers a number of advantages over semiconductor lasers, frequently used in laser binoculars.

  • It has an inherently longer ranging capability, based on a simple time-of-flight measurement;
  • Metrix assures more reliable and accurate measurements of small targets on short ranges and under poor visibility ("What You See Is What You Get" rule – in terms of ranging – applies in most cases);
  • Metrix determines the range to the target at distances of up to 20 km (MetrixPlus) with a single, strong pulse, minimizing the possibility of detection by enemy laser warning systems;
  • Shorter time of measurement and narrower laser beam means more reliable measurements of moving targets;


Metrix is the best choice when quick determination of target coordinates and their preparation for further processing is needed, especially on longer ranges or/and under adverse weather conditions. Infantry, surveillance units, artillery forward observers, marines, special forces, peace keeping units and border control units have been so far identified as a prospective users of Metrix.


Metrix is designed to operate either as a standalone instrument, connected to PLGR+96 GPS receiver or connected to a tactical data terminal. General purpose RS 232 or RS 485 data link is provided for connection to C3I equipment.


Equipped with a universal mechanical adapter, Metrix can be mounted on a number of tripods, supplied by Fotona. Stability of the line of sight, achieved by utilizing the tripod, is much appreciated by users of longer-range MetrixPlus binoculars.


  • NiMH power pack, for maximal number of measurements within Mil-STD specified temperature range. Battery charger operating on 180 – 240 VAC as well as on 12 – 24 VDC is provided with this option;
  • 6 x 1,5 V AA type commercial batteries, a non-expensive and widely available option;
  • Connection to an external power supply (car battery) – when all other solutions fail;