StarWalker Q-switched Workshop (post-Symposium)

1 June 2020 - 2 June 2020

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This workshop is exclusively for attendees of the LA&HA Symposium.

During this intensive two-day workshop, participants will get to know the technological characteristics and advanced capabilities of Fotona’s StarWalker Q-switched laser system family, as well as learn the principles of using StarWalker in a variety of aesthetic procedures, ranging from pigmented lesions and tattoo removal to rejuvenation and much more. The advantages of laser and laser-assisted treatments and the effects of various parameter settings will be discussed, and selected treatment procedures will be demonstrated on live patients.

First day: a short presentation of StarWalker and treatment procedures on live patients.
Second day: a theoretical review of StarWalker aesthetic and dermatological applications and treatment procedures on live patients.

Registration for the LA&HA Symposium is necessary to attend this workshop.