Compact and Powerful Diode Laser

XPulse® diode lasers are the modern and professional choice for treating soft tissues and haemostasis. With a broad range of clinical presets, handpieces and multiple pulse modalities, XPulse® allows practitioners to perform optimized treatments, with superior battery or plug in operation, for ultimate portability.

Depending on the indication for use, XPulse® allows for the choice of the most appropriate wavelength and specific settings that will achieve the desired type of laser-tissue interaction to produce the intended effect.

Key Treatments:

XPulse® diode lasers provide the modern practitioner with the opportunity to offer their patients precise, gentle and highly effective treatments:

  • Dentistry
    - Endodontics
    - Periodontics
    - Periimplantitis
  • Surgical Applications:
    - Frenectomy
    - Gingivectomy
    - Implant Exposure
    - Gingival Depigmentation
  • and other treatments in dermatology, gynecology, surgery and more

The XPulse® diode technology can be effectively used to reduce and/or stop bleeding after conventional surgical treatments.

Choose your wavelength:

XPulse®: choose one from available wavelengths: 810 nm, 980 nm, 1064 nm

Safe and Highly Effective

Fotona XPulse® laser systems can be used either in contact or non-contact mode. Energy is delivered through a flexible quartz-fiber delivery unit. The contact tip provides the practitioner with tactile feedback on where the laser is working.

Green laser aiming beam is delivered simultaneously through the laser beam delivery system, which allows the operator to see the position of the treatment laser on the target tissue.

Simply select easy preset parameters, or directly input your preferences on the application screen, and begin the treatment.

The advantages of The XPulse® semiconductor lasers are:

  • very compact design
  • comparatively high optical level of efficiency
  • minimal maintenance required
  • maximized portability and ease of use with superior battery operation

Scientific & Clinical Research