The Ultimate Hair Removal Laser System


Two Wavelengths in One System: Alexandrite (755 nm) and Nd:YAG (1064 nm)

AvalancheLase® performs exceptionally safe, fast and effective treatments that can be performed with just one accessory, without the need to use separate handpieces or scanners when switching between wavelengths. AvalancheLase® combines ultimate speed and flexibility with the latest technologies such as Fotona’s Innovative DMC™ Cooling & MatrixView® sensors.

DMC™ Cooling for Maximum Safety and Comfort

With Fotona’s innovative, patent-pending Dry Spray Molecular Cooling (DMC™) technology integrated into the handpieces and scanners, there is no need for an additional cold-air cooling device, lowering investment costs. This revolutionary technology improves comfort and enhances safety, using room temperature air and water so there is no risk of cryo-injury by over-cooling the skin.

The benefits of DMC™ cooling include:

  • More effective cooling of the skin, achieving a lower temperature faster
  • Non-contact, homogeneous cooling for small and large skin areas, including large scanner treatments
  • One container of demineralized water (0.7 L) lasts for a full-day of laser procedures
  • Eliminates odor

Ultimate Power for Ultimate Speed

The superior power of AvalancheLase® technology allows the system to generate extremely large spot sizes (30 mm) and exceptionally high frequencies. Optimal speed combined with a wide range of spot sizes in a single handpiece assures shorter treatment times, allowing practitioners to manage patient turnover quickly and increase revenues.

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