Advanced Phast™ Endo Course - Innovative, Conservative & Profitable Laser Surgery

2 October 2015 - 3 October 2015

This is an intimate 2-day course, limited to only 10 doctors and taught by Board-Certified Endodontist, Dr. Reid Pullen. This course will cover, in detail, a complete root canal treatment and re-treatment procedure, while incorporating the PHAST™ PIPS™ laser endo technique. Path File, Wave One, ProTaper, ProTaper Next, and Vortex rotary files will be taught and used in a hands-on format where the class will utilize various obturation materials, including warm vertical gutta percha obturation.

Hands-on guidance will be provided by a Board-Certified Endodontist. Each practitioner will have the opportunity to perform root canal treatments and re-treatments utilizing extracted teeth and True Tooth replica models. Day 1 will cover the entire root canal treatment, from start to finish, including techniques for easier location of various types of canals and calcified canals. Day 2 will cover non-surgical root canal re-treatment, including a variety of PIPS™ tips and tricks.

Learning objectives:

  • To better understand the concepts of non-surgical root canal treatment and re-treatment from access to obturation
  • To become acquainted with the latest and greatest in endo technology and techniques
  • To better understand how the PHAST™ PIPS™ technique is incorporated into the root canal treatment and re-treatment process
  • Participants will become more efficient with their root canal treatments and gain a greater level of confidence in their ability to complete them.

Space is limited, register ASAP! Download the brochure with additional information about the course.

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