Section 179 Tax Benefits Explained (LIVE ONLINE WEBINAR)

20 October 2021

Online Webinar, United States

Key Points:

-What is section 179?

-What are the details/inclusions of Section 179?

-What does it afford you as an owner/practitioner?

-How to implement it for your practice?


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Sonny Gagnon, VP Business Development,
Dental Equipment Finance Division, Highland Capital Corporation

Sonny is a 15-year veteran of Highland Capital with a strong background in Equipment Finance and Banking.

A customer-focused professional who understands the needs of practitioners, Sonny holds an undergrad degree in Economics & Business Studies as well as an MS in Finance.

His career includes various roles at large banks, such as CitiGroup and CIT.  Sonny and his team have established a strong customer service model that has enabled Highland Capital to emerge as the leader in Dental Equipment Financing.

Sonny has worked with thousands of Drs through various market conditions to secure financing that meets their needs and he has been a reliable sounding board for business owners who are planning equipment purchases as part of practice growth, technology changes, and practice transitions.