Faster, Stronger, More Treatments - the Fotona SP Plus

16 November 2007

With the launch of the Fotona SP Plus this year, Fotona has introduced possibly the most versatile medical laser system available today, capable of a full range of applications within Aesthetics, Dermatology, Anti-Aging, Surgery and Gynecology. Building on the successful formula/format of the DualisSP, with two laser sources providing the best of both ablative and non-ablative laser treatments, the Fotona SP Plus can be considered the perfect solution for many practitioners.

Its Er:YAG laser source enables a wide range of ablative and minimally-ablative procedures, removing the epidermis or dermis micron-layer by micron-layer, thereby providing ultimate treatment control and ensuring fast recovery times and higher patient comfort and satisfaction. These techniques find their application in many treatment areas, such as the removal of benign lesions, hypertrophic and acne scar reduction, laser skin resurfacing or any treatments requiring precision ablation.

Its Nd:YAG source is one of the most versatile lasers in medicine and aesthetics; its absorption characteristics allow the laser to reach deeper into the skin without damaging the epidermis, regardless of skin type - something not possible with other light-based solutions. These characteristics facilitate precise, bloodless incision, a full spectrum of vascular treatments, active acne treatment, hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments. In addition, its S-11 scanner makes treatment of larger areas even easier and safer with a range of scan options and the largest currently-available scan area.

For practitioners seeking to boost their practice or reach new patient target groups, the Fotona SP Plus offers a highly innovative and advanced laser technology solution.