Fotona Gynecology Lasers


The Benefits of Fotona Lasers in Gynecology Include:

  • Fotona SMOOTH® mode for gentle, safe and minimally invasive treatments
  • High-precision, tissue-selective treatments with controlled coagulation and simultaneous disinfection
  • Greater patient comfort, less downtime and quicker healing
  • Easy access to difficult-to-reach areas

Highest Performance Laser Systems

With 60 years of experience in laser technology, Fotona is recognized as a global leader in developing innovative technological solutions for the medical laser industry. Using a science-based approach and working closely with top universities and medical research centers, Fotona has pioneered advanced pulse technologies such as ASP (Adaptive Structured Pulse) which allow for optimal energy delivery to enable superior results without side effects. With two complementary laser wavelengths (Er:YAG and Nd:YAG) exceptional versatility is achieved – from non-ablative Fotona SMOOTH® treatments and gentle ablative treatments to non-ablative thermal treatments.

Revolutionary Fotona SMOOTH® Technology

Fotona SMOOTH® procedures are non-invasive, non-ablative laser procedures that use a patented laser technology to send mild heat pulses to the vaginal walls, resulting in functional strengthening of connective tissue inside the vaginal wall, an overall increase in vaginal wall thickness and functional improvement in the mucosal tissue.

For more information please visit the Fotona SMOOTH® website which is tailored for both patients and doctors.


Er:YAG – the Most Powerful Wavelength for Gynecology

Fotona was the first manufacturer to introduce the Er:YAG wavelength in gynecology to improve upon the performance of CO2 lasers and enable safer and more effective procedures. Fotona SMOOTH® Er:YAG laser pulses activate a unique form of non-ablative thermal stimulation, with a gentle dual-tissue regeneration process designed to achieve highly controlled and safe collagen tightening and new collagen formation within the tissue.

Fotona's Er:YAG lasers, in addition, feature adjustable cold-to-hot ablation regimes to enable a greater degree of precision during skin resurfacing. For professional surgical applications additional modes are also available.

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Awards and Recognitions

Expert Gynecology Meeting 2018 - Official Partner