Fotona XD-2 - one great little dental laser system

15 November 2007

Following the successful launch earlier this year of Fotona's new handheld diode laser system, dentists worldwide have been discovering why the Fotona XD-2 is the ideal solution for their first steps into the world of laser dentistry. This entry-level laser system complements, and even integrates into, Fotona's existing Fidelis range of high-performance dental laser systems.

Weighing only a kilogram and small enough to fit in your hand, the Fotona XD-2 offers a wide range of treatments. Ease-of-use, versatility and portability are key features; with 4 quick-access treatment buttons enabling you to select and treat with the maximum of ease. Its intuitive operator interface also makes tailoring parameters to specific treatments quick and simple, allowing you to make maximum use of the versatility of this compact little laser.

The Fotona XD-2 delivers a class-leading 7W of peak power, ensuring this system can perform a comprehensive range of soft tissue procedures. The diode laser's clinically-proven bactericidal effects enable the XD-2 to provide effective and economic disinfection across periodontic and endodontic treatments.

In addition, its capabilities include precise, safe and efficient surgical procedures on all oral soft tissues. Such procedures include fibroma removal, frenectomies, treatment of herpetic lesions, exposure of unerupted teeth, implant exposure, incision and drainage of abscesses and excisional and incisional biopsies. The bactericidal effects already mentioned ensure increased success rates for these treatments and further expand its treatment options to include aphthae lesions and peri-implantitis. It also has applications in aesthetic dentistry, with a pre-set treatment specifically for tooth-whitening procedures.

The comprehensive range of treatments offered by this little laser can be easily selected from the 4 quick-access buttons (Endodontics, Periodontics, Surgery, Whitening) and then customized to your more exact requirements when necessary.

Lightweight, portable and sleek; the Fotona XD-2 is a perfect laser-based addition to any modern-day dental practice.