Read all about it - Lasers in Dentistry!

27 November 2007

For any dental practitioner looking for a useful handbook on procedures in laser dentistry, the newly published "Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop of Evidence-based Dentistry on Lasers in Dentistry" may just be the ideal publication.

The proceedings form a coordinated and complete reference on the science behind laser dentistry, and on the majority of procedures that are currently undertaken using lasers. Each treatment is described in detail, with information on the laser type and treatment modality best suited to the specific procedures. In addition, all information is cross-referenced to the particular studies in which the detailed research was carried out.

The aim of the publication was to bring together the ‘evidence-based' information on laser dentistry to provide an unbiased and complete view of the relative performance of the various laser types across a broad spectrum of laser dental treatments.

Its findings confirm Fotona's key wavelengths, Er:YAG and Nd:YAG, as being two of the most proficient and effective available. When used together in a single package, such as in the Fidelis Plus III, the spectrum of efficient, effective and safe treatments is unmatched within the dental field.

The Proceedings, edited by Professor Norbert Gutknecht, are published by Quintessenz Verlags GmbH, Berlin (; Ordering Number: 14481, ISBN 978-1-85097-167-2.