A New Dental Partner for the UK

2 October 2006

Blueprint's Clinical Team are able to provide accredited introductory and advanced courses in laser dentistry, as well as clinical demonstrations of the new Fidelis Plus IIId. All this makes Fotona, with their key focus of perfection in both product and service, the ideal partner for Blueprint.

Fidelis Plus III - the best just got better
It is still true that the Fidelis Plus III outperforms all other dental laser systems currently available in terms of speed and versatility, the system even achieves drilling speeds faster than those of conventional dental burrs. Combining dentistry's two best lasers in one single system means the Fidelis Plus III covers a complete range of dental applications while ensuring that there is no trade-off between speed, versatility and the patient's comfort and safety.

Not only does the Fidelis Plus III allow faster and more comfortable cold, optical drilling in enamel, dentine and composite materials, but unlike any other system on the market, a simple unique upgrade will also allow you to provide facial aesthetic procedures such as the removal of unwanted hair, pigmented or superficial lesions as well as vascular lesions.

While the Fidelis Plus III is a comprehensive, advanced solution to a virtually unlimited number of treatments; its design offers unmatched precision, safety and ease-of-use. The clear, intuitive touch-screen navigation system includes the industry's first Tissue-effect Graphical Indicator (TeGI) which provides a precise, visual indication of the effect of the laser on hard and soft tissue for the treatment parameters selected.

The Fidelis Plus III from Fotona has always enabled you to maximize the treatment efficiency of your practice. This latest innovation will allow you to take your dental practice to new heights.