U.S. Launch for Fotona XP MAX

20 March 2006

Unprecedented Scan Area of 42cm2
The purpose-built S-11 scanner provides an unprecedented scan area of 42cm2 (6.5 x 6.5 cm), and allows repetition rates up to a maximum of 75 Hz. In addition unlike any other scanner currently available on the market, the S-11 scanner supports three spot sizes: 3, 6 and 9mm, to control penetration depth, improve accuracy and influence the treatment speed in large areas. With the 9 mm scanner spot size, energy can now penetrate even further during scanner procedures, reaching deeper-lying skin structures for more effective treatments.

Unmatched Scanning Speeds
In order to provide three different spot sizes for the S-11 scanner, and to operate at speeds that none of Fotona's rivals can match, the Fotona XP MAX provides superior output power. With output power of 130 Watts, the Fotona XP MAX is not only the most powerful system available today but more importantly the fastest, delivering unmatched scanning sequence speeds.

Highest Energy
The Fotona XP MAX supports effective spot sizes from 2 to 20 mm, again surpassing current industry standards. A 20mm spot size enables practitioners to reach deep lying hair and skin structures that are difficult to reach with the scanner, such as bikini line and armpit hair. To achieve this spot size the Fotona XP MAX delivers a maximum pulse energy of 120J, the highest of any of its competitors.

ACCELERA Mode for High Peak Powers
Because fine light hairs and small skin structures have a very short tissue relaxation time they have proven quite difficult to treat effectively. In order to treat them, high peak power pulses are required so that they can be thermally affected before the tissue relaxation time is reached.

The Fotona XP MAX introduces the new ACCELERA Mode designed precisely to generate extremely high peak powers in a single pulse. This innovative feature means that the ACCELERA mode is the perfect mode for removing light, thin hairs, treating fine vascular structures on the skin and for providing skin rejuvenation treatments. It is also designed to work seamlessly with the S-11 scanner.

The Fotona XP MAX is an extension of the well-known and successful DualisXP Plus range. In addition to easier, faster and more efficient hair removal over large surface areas, the system can be effectively and efficiently used in many other aesthetic procedures such as acne treatments, rejuvenation treatments and vascular lesion treatments.