Fotona Leads the Way at Moscow Dental Expo Fair

4 October 2012

I.T.Stom has been very active in education and training within the Russian market and has developed close relations with leading authority figures the field of dentistry in the Russian Federation. In particular, Prof. Igor Shugailov, Head of the Department of Dentistry at the Russian Medical Academy and chairman of the Russian Laser Dentistry Association, has enthusiastically endorsed Fotona’s LightWalker lasers based on their advanced QSP technology and dual-wavelength treatment capabilities. QSP was openly praised by leading Russian dental experts as the new standard for the treatment of hard dental tissue.

At the International Congress on Laser Stomatology and Facial Aesthetics, a forum taking place during the Expo, the advanced features of the LightWalker laser were exceptionally well-received. Many respected clinical and industry experts were particularly excited about the idea of combining aesthetic dentistry with facial aesthetic treatments, a capability which has been offered by Fotona dental lasers for a number of years.

Coinciding with the Expo, the latest edition of the Russian journal Innovative Dentistry also featured a special presentation on the Stomatology and Facial Aesthetics congress, and included two re-published articles on laser dentistry from Fotona’s preferred educational partner, the Laser and Health Academy.

Based on an abundance of feedback from participants and industry experts alike, it’s quite clear that Fotona was a star attraction at this year’s Moscow Dental Expo – thanks to the outstanding capabilities of its award-winning LightWalker dental laser.