Fotona Brings Microscope & Laser Dentistry Together at ESMD

12 October 2012

Many of the latest innovations in microscope dentistry, as well as new minimally invasive treatment options, were introduced at the recent ESMD congress in Berlin. Participants opened their eyes, as well as their minds, to see new treatment options with the help of the most experienced specialists worldwide. Besides the scientific lectures, master classes and hands-on courses, microscope dentistry specialists enjoyed 3D live broadcasted surgery with interactive discussion.

The perfect match between microscopes and laser dentistry was brought sharply into focus during the congress by Prof. Olivi, who introduced Fotona’s LightWalker dental laser as an important tool for coagulation, decontamination and biostimulatory effects in several fields of dentistry. LightWalker lasers can easily and effectively serve as a complete substitute for classical instruments, as a complementary instrument, or as a completely innovative dental treatment tool.

Using LightWalker together with a microscope, it is possible to observe or achieve:

  • precise removal of concrements in perio
  • a bloodless operating field in oral surgery
  • preservation of surrounding healthy hard tissue after laser preparation
  • the quality of cavity micro structure after laser preparation
  • higher quality of bonding in orthodontics
  • smear layer removal from the root canal walls
  • new minimally invasive treatment techniques in implantology

A LightWalker laser and microscope combination comprises the ideal tool for dental practitioners who are committed to providing the most effective, minimally invasive dental techniques to their patients. Practitioners respect the unique match of microscopes and lasers, which are very complimentary in that they both use light -- light to see, light to cut and light to heal.