Fotona Introduces New Gynecology Treatments at FIGO

18 October 2012

More than 7000 visitors and 220 lecturers participated in this year’s FIGO congress in Rome. Interest was exceptionally strong for Fotona’s newly launched treatments for vaginal relaxation syndrome and stress-urinary incontinence. The company’s exhibit saw record attendance, with hundreds of doctors from more than 80 countries requesting additional information about the new minimally invasive laser treatments.

Based on two years of extensive clinical studies, Fotona’s IntimaLase™ and IncontiLase™ treatments have been thoroughly tested and found to be extremely gentle and safe, yet highly effective:

  • IntimaLase™ is an incisionless, minimally invasive procedure designed for the treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome, based on laser-induced, non-ablative thermal effects in the vaginal tissue, stimulating collagen remodeling and synthesis of new collagen fibers. The final result of collagen neogenesis and remodeling is a tightening of the vaginal canal.
  • IncontiLase™ is a unique, non-invasive Er:YAG laser therapy for the treatment of mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence, based on non-ablative photothermal stimulation of collagen neogenesis, shrinking and tightening of vaginal mucosa tissue and collagen-rich endopelvic fascia, and subsequently greater support to the bladder.

Supporting research for the new IntimaLase procedure was presented at the FIGO congress by Dr. Adrian Gaspar, from Mendoza University in Argentina, who held a presentation entitled "Evolution from invasive to non-invasive laser treatments in vaginal rejuvenation". The presentation compared two procedures for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation – one using Fotona’s non-ablative Er:YAG technology, and the other using a more invasive, ablative CO2 procedure. Based on extensive experience with both laser technologies and methods of treatment, Dr. Gaspar concluded that non-ablative procedures with Er:YAG (IntimaLase™) represents a safer, faster and more patient-friendly solution that avoids the undesirable complications present in CO2 ablative tightening. As a result of his research, Dr. Gaspar has switched all of his vaginal rejuvenation treatments to IntimaLase.

Fotona is committed to addressing the current and future needs of gynecologists around the world with innovative solutions for a wide range of laser-based treatments. Visit the Gynecology section of our website for further details.