Finnish Pediatric Dentists Visit Fotona

22 October 2012

While participating in a comprehensive workshop, they were pleased to discover more details about how laser techniques provide an excellent alternative to traditional surgery, especially when treating children. For example, no anesthesia, no scalpel and no sutures are needed to perform frenectomies, which are extremely important advantages when working with children.

The dental association representatives were thrilled to learn more about the wide range of soft-tissue interventions that can be performed in a simple, safe and effective way with LightWalker. Minimal invasiveness and selectivity were also discussed in respect to hard-tissue preparations with LightWalker’s patented, high-performance QSP Er:YAG laser.

At the conclusion of their official visit, all of the dentists had become well acquainted with the following advantages of using lasers in pediatric dentistry:

  • minimally invasive cavity preparation with simultaneous prevention of further decay
  • higher quality of prepared hard-tissue surfaces
  • bactericidal effect ensures greater success and fewer complications after small surgical treatments
  • less or no anesthesia needed (avoids trauma from injections at start of treatment)
  • a haemostatic effect to operate in a clean and dry surgical field
  • fewer or no sutures simplifies and shortens the surgical procedure
  • faster healing after laser treatments

The Finnish representatives all expressed satisfaction with the workshop and fully understood and appreciated how working with a tool such as LightWalker helps to ensure treatment success and, of equal importance, leads to higher quality relationships with younger patients.

Many members in the group also expressed interest in attending the upcoming Laser Pediatric Dentistry Congress that will be held next month in Genova, Italy.