Superiority of LightWalker QSP Mode Confirmed

30 October 2012

At the 2012 International Fotona Weekend in Portoroz, participants were introduced to LightWalker’s unique QSP mode:

  • a high-finesse treatment modality for creating optimal dental surfaces for bonding,
  • a quieter and gentler treatment modality for patients and
  • with excellent sealing of the cavities observed clinically.

At the time, there was also a hint about superior microleakage results with QSP mode and superior effectiveness in even the hardest dental tissues. And now, the latest research results have confirmed the precision and unmatched performance of LightWalker’s QSP mode for hard-tissue surface preparation.

Samples in the study were divided into three groups according to the type of surface preparation (acid etching, MSP laser etching, QSP laser etching) and identical further steps of restoration were made in all samples. The results have shown that the margins of the cavity walls prepared by QSP mode have significantly less microleakage than the other preparation alternatives.

Research on the mean shear bond strength of brackets to the etched enamel surfaces is still ongoing, but the mean shear bond strength values have already shown a noticeable strength increase in QSP preparations in comparison with MSP, and an even higher increase in comparison with acid etching.

Another clinically important research study concerning secondary bacterial contamination through filling borders after different preparation parameters and modes has also confirmed the quality of filling margins after QSP preparations. Measurements of the time required for acids to open up the gaps for bacterial passage through the margin have confirmed the strongest degree of adhesion with the surfaces prepared by QSP.

For more background about Fotona’s QSP technology, you may find the following articles of interest:

  • an in–vitro scientific article about fast and precise hard dental tissue preparation with QSP mode, and a report about clinical experience with QSP Er:YAG lasers, both published in this year’s LAHA journal
  • another article about the use of QSP Er:YAG lasers in clinical practice published in the latest Laser journal
  • and another article in the US edition of Laser.