Fotona Makes Waves at DASIL 2012

23 November 2012

At the DASIL (Dermatologic & Aesthetic International League) congress earlier this month, Fotona's lectures were among those introducing the greatest number of novelties to the meeting, such as the combined Er:YAG + Q-switched treatment of tattoos (Dr. Marini), Fractional Nd:YAG for PWS (Dr. Taylor), and Fractional Er:YAG for palmar hyperhidrosis (Dr. Manuskiatti).

One of the biggest trends noticed at the conference was a growing interest in pigmentation treatments – especially for melasma, and not only in Asia, but all around. This has been reflected in a rapidly growing interest in Fotona’s QX Max. Fotona's application development has been very active in the pigmentation arena, with new solutions for further reducing the invasiveness of procedures based on fractionalization of the Q-switched beam, as well as combo methods, such as fractional Er:YAG + topical bleaching agents

There were also a number of developments in PDT therapy, with Dr. Leonardo Marini presenting a lecture that explained a novel approach using Nd:YAG (Piano) pre-warming and Er:YAG (fractional) skin drilling to enhance ALA penetration and reduce the reaction time and amount of this topical acid.

Fotona also participated in a pre-congress Workshop on Sclerotherapy and Endovascular Laser Therapy that was held at the PerSona Clinic in Valletta, where Dr. Gianfranco Vettorello and Dr. Leonardo Marini held two hours of training for participants, explaining the entire range of possible therapies for varicose veins, with emphasis an on EVLT. Practical exercises of UltraSound diagnostics on live models were executed and an ultrasound-guided vein puncturing and catheters introduction was demonstrated using phantom leg and vein models. This practical workshop was also followed with a Sclerotherapy/Veins Session held on November 2nd at the conference.

During the event, Dr. Pierre Fournier (pictured in left photo), one of the pioneers of Liposuction, visited the Fotona team and was highly impressed by the SP Spectro’s capabilities with regard to laser lipolysis and other aesthetic procedures. As Fotona’s high visibility at DASIL demonstrates, the company’s advanced technologies and applications are becoming increasingly perceived by top lecturers, faculty, and specialists in the industry as the ideal platform for developing leading-edge medical laser treatments.

Fotona is committed to meeting the current and future needs of aesthetic practitioners with innovative solutions for a wide range of skin treatments. Visit our Product Selector Page to find out which Fotona laser system offers the right mix of performance and value for the needs of your practice.