Fotona Gynecology Workshops in Russia

20 December 2012

Fotona’s distribution partner SportMedImport organized a number of one-day workshops for the company’s new IntimaLase™ and IncontiLase™ gynecology treatments in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The first workshop was held on Wednesday, Dec. 12th at Clinical Hospital #122 in St. Petersburg, where the participants included Dr. Lija Dvaladze, head of the surgical department, along with five gynecologists and other specialists on the hospital’s staff.

The workshop began with a presention by Fotona on the basic concepts behind the new laser treatments, followed by a discussion of practical clinical experiences led by Dr. Sabina Senčar. The afternoon session consisted of live treatments performed on five patients. Due to high interest in the new procedures, the workshop was repeated again on the following day for a larger group of 25 participants, which included all of those who had attended the workshop on the previous day as well as many new participants.

On Saturday, Dec. 15th the Fotona team presented the workshop to an even larger audience of 50 participants at the Research Centre of Obstretics, Gynecology and Neonatology in Moscow, a major medical institution with over 1200 employees. Among the list of attendees were academic professor Sukhikh Gennady, Inna Apolihina, head of the gynecological department, and Victoria Romih, Head of the Urology Department.

Participants at the gynecology workshops were very enthusiastic about the high level of safety, simplicity and effectiveness with the new minimally invasive treatments, and expressed a strong desire to begin using the procedures. At the end of each workshop, all of the participants received an official Fotona training certificate for their attendance.