Fotona Releases New Dental Handpiece

9 February 2006

Designed for Superior Water and Air Delivery
The R14-C Er:YAG optical handpiece has been introduced to replace the R14-A handpiece which will now be discontinued. The handpiece features a newly-designed integrated nozzle which ensures a more superior and efficient air and water spray. With 3 spray nozzles now integrated in the handpiece body, the water and air spray is now completely symmetrical in all working positions. When working with the handpiece an even and continuous air and water spray is ensured since at any point only one nozzle can be blocked. Furthermore, the integration of the spray nozzles into the handpiece body has virtually halved the size of the handpiece head, providing even more visibility and a greater freedom of movement during procedures. The R14-C features a 90° angled head and is available with Fotona's range of cylindrical, chisel-shaped and conical fibertips with end diameters ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.3 mm. Made from biocompatible, light-weight titanium, the R14-C is designed to live up to the requirements of everyday-use in the modern day dentistry practice. Furthermore, it is easily sterilizable with ETO or in an autoclave. Initial reports from experienced Fotona users have been extremely positive overall.

An Easy Transition to Laser Dentistry
Combined with the Fotona Fidelis Plus II and FidelisEr II dental laser systems the R14-C handpiece is ideally suited for incision, excision, cutting, ablation, coagulation and vaporization of both soft and hard tissues in an extremely wide variety of dental applications. Because of the fiber tips, which are kept in slight contact with the tissue during laser procedures, it provides tactile feedback. This is a feature especially appreciated by practitioners who are new to laser dentistry because the tactile feedback from conventional drilling equipment is mimicked. Once, with increased experience, tactile feedback is not required, the switch can be made to the R02-C non-contact Er:YAG optical handpiece which has the same high-tech qualities, but provides an even higher degree of freedom, versatility and efficiency in procedures.

Revolutionize Your Practice
As part of our Choose Perfection philosophy Fotona is dedicated to providing customers the "Highest Performance, Best Made Laser Systems in the World" . Unlike many of our competitors we are able to continuously react on feedback from our valued customers to provide products superior in ease-of-use, versatility and efficacy. The latest R14-C handpiece adds additional value to the already well established Fidelis II dental laser systems range. Late last year studies reported that the Fidelis II dental laser systems can achieve unprecedented laser drilling speeds, overall speeding up treatments. The superior efficiency and efficacy of Fotona's Fidelis II dental laser systems range, in combination with the inherent benefits of laser dentistry to the patient, truly revolutionises any dental practice.