Novel 3D-Fractional treatment presented at IMCAS

11 February 2008

A novel treatment modality, utilizing an operating mode unique to Fotona laser systems, was introduced at this January's International Masters Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) in Paris.


This treatment modality, known as FRAC3, offers the practitioner the ability to realize fully-selective skin rejuvenation via FRAC3's unique, three-dimensional, self-induced fractional effect.


This takes the idea of fractional treatment a stage further. Conventional fractional systems treat small columns in the treatment area to the full penetration depth of the laser beam, creating small damage zones, with localized healing then promoted by the adjacent unaffected tissue. FRAC3 utilizes Fotona's Accelera mode pulses to create small zones only where minute skin imperfections exist, with the healing promoted three-dimensionally all around the affected zone.


Joint research from Slovenia's internationally-renowned Josef Stefan Institute and the University of Ljubljana has shown that using Nd:YAG wavelength lasers with exceptionally short pulsewidths (between 0.1 ms and 2 ms), and fluences above 40 J/m2 leads to the formation of this localized 3D fractionality. Preliminary clinical results indicate that this procedure has been seen to deliver more effective outcomes and substantially reduced healing times for anti-aging treatments.


The requirement for high fluences and exceptionally low pulsewidths can not be realized with all lasers, and in practical terms, treatment must be made using a high-speed scanner such as Fotona's S-11, making the Fotona XP MAX and the Fotona SP Plus ideally suited for this treatment.


For a further explanation of the FRAC3 treatment modality, please select the link below to download the IMCAS poster which introduced it.

Novel 3D-Fractional treatment presented at IMCAS