Pixel Screen Technology and FRAC3® successfully introduced at AAD

11 February 2008

Effective anti-aging treatment needs to encompass both resurfacing and rejuvenation of the skin, as well as treatment of other imperfections and pigmentation on and below the skin's surface. In addition to this patients now prefer more-frequent, lighter treatments; in effect, keeping the signs of aging at bay.

In response to this Fotona demonstrated at the recent AAD conference in San Antonio, Texas how their Pixel Screen Technology (PST) and FRAC3® treatment modality can be combined to offer a full range of anti-aging treatments, which can all be fine tuned to balance the strength of the effect with the length of recovery times.

Ablative and skin-surface treatments can be customized for the full spectrum of patient wishes - in addition to being able to choose the balance of pure ablation to thermal effects, Fotona's novel Pixel Screen Technology enables a ‘light' variant of any of these treatments; with a lower density effect and faster recovery times.

Non-ablative, deeper, skin-volume treatments can make use of a number of modalities to ensure the desired outcome is achieved with the minimum of downtime. In this area Fotona's pioneering FRAC3® laser treatment is ideally suited, producing three-dimensional, self-selective treatment zones and promoting much faster tissue recovery.

Pixel Screen Technology works in conjunction with Fotona's highly-effective Er:YAG lasers. The Pixel Screen distributes the energy as an array of small point beams generating, very finely-focused, high-intensity treatment columns. The treatment effect of the PST is to add a further level of control to ablative procedures, with a smaller proportion of the skin surface being treated, and with the capability to fine-tune this further through the variation of the pixel density used. This less-invasive treatment modality significantly reduces downtime after the procedure.

FRAC3® makes use of Fotona's renowned high-performance Nd:YAG laser systems, operating in their unique Accelera mode, to create self-selective treatment micro-zones within the skin. The laser energy acts only on the minute skin imperfections within the skin volume, with tiny ‘damage islands' surrounded by unharmed healthy tissue, which then promote the speedy healing of the treated tissue. Preliminary clinical results show the procedure to be more effective with substantially reduced healing times.

With the option of fractional treatments using both Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser sources, especially with the three-dimensional, self-selective nature of FRAC3® technology, the Fotona SP Plus is capable of providing the most comprehensive range of anti-aging, rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments available from a single laser system. A more detailed explanation of these treatments is available via the link below.

Pixel Screen Technology and FRAC3® successfully introduced at AAD