Laser Dentistry Takes the Stage at WFLD Paris

9 July 2014

There were numerous reports in lectures this year about successful uses of LightWalker due to its high precision, VSP technology, special fiber tip shapes, and new treatment methods such as NightLase®. Lectures at this year’s WFLD covered all fields of dentistry, although a major focus was on implantology.

According to the lecture of Peter Fahlstedt, a dental practitioner from Sweden, peri-implantitis presents an increasing threat to oral health: 12 million implants are placed every year (1/3 by general dentists) and after 5-8 years, 30-40% of patients may develop peri-implantitis (at least 3.6 million patients per year).

Dr. Fahlstedt also added that his treatments with Fotona’s Er:YAG dental lasers promote fast healing and regeneration due to a number of reasons, including:

  • selectivity in the removal of granulation tissue from alveolar bone and connective tissue
  • bactericidal effects at the surgical site, including lipopolysaccharides (endotoxin) without chemicals
  • better cleaning of implant surfaces (elimination of biofilm).

Fotona was also highly visible in the exhibition hall with a very well-attended stand, where many new dental practitioners visited along with current customers and researchers seeking to cooperate.

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