Latest Dynamis & Spectro Systems Launched for European Market at EADV

14 October 2014

Fotona revealed its largest ever EADV presence this month in Amsterdam. The company’s booth and presentations attracted the attention of numerous aesthetics and dermatology practitioners from around the world, who expressed strong interest in the company’s highly acclaimed multi-application laser systems and patented treatment protocols.

Fotona used the occasion to officially launch its newly upgraded Dynamis and Spectro lines, which now offer larger display screens and enhanced ease of use, a factor which consistently scores high among the preferences of both new and experienced users. The multi-application laser systems offer a wide spectrum of treatment possibilities, ranging from highly controlled Er:YAG skin resurfacing to tissue-selective Nd:YAG treatments.

Fotona’s Dynamis and Spectro systems also give practitioners a unique possibility to combine two wavelengths and 4 treatment modes to implement Fotona4D™, a non-invasive approach to laser face lifting that targets both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity with a series of cumulative, synergistic treatments that can be performed all year-round, including in the summer, with little or no downtime or anesthesia.