Fotona Workshop & Awards in Taipei

21 September 2015

The workshop, which attracted over 120 participants, consisted of an awards ceremony followed by a series of lectures and video demonstrations on topics ranging from Fotona 4D® and IncontiLase® to Q-switched Nd:YAG treatments. In addition to the invited Fotona speakers, two local physicians also gave presentations about their own experiences at the workshop. Dr. Chen, Pao-Jen presented a lecture titled Clinical Experience about Vaginal Tightening and Anti-incontinence Laser Therapy in Taiwan, and Dr. Huang, Yong-Xue spoke on the topic of Pico or Nano? My Experience with QX MAX.

Based on feedback from the participants, the Fotona Workshop was a highly informative and productive event – one that they would be happy to attend again in the future.