Planting Seeds for the Future of Implantology at EAO

29 September 2015

Periimplantitis was a important topic at this year’s EAO Congress. The available data suggest that in one in five patients will develop peri-implantitis at some point, and four in five implant patients will exhibit peri-implant mucositis. It is widely becoming recognized as a growing problem in need of a genuine solution.

At Fotona’s booth, visitors were intrigued by the power and simplicity of the TwinLight® Peri-implantitis Treatment, a minimally invasive procedure that combines two optimal laser wavelengths: Er:YAG and Nd:YAG, to significantly enhance treatment success rates and shorten healing time. It is the only technique that has been proven effective in successfully treating the condition.

One of the lectures in this year’s EAO scientific program, by Dr. Stefan Renvert of Sweden, offered further support for the Er:YAG laser’s effectiveness as a non-surgical treatment method. We couldn’t agree more, and expect that implantologists around the world will soon be taking note of its potential.