Fidelis Plus III and Cerec combination lead to even greater advantages

27 March 2008

The advantages of the Fidelis Plus III Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser combination are clear. This dental laser system allows practitioners to be less invasive and use less, if not no, anesthesia, leading to an overall more positive experience the patient. The Fidelis Plus III allows the practitioner to perform several procedures in just one visit. In crown restoration work the Fidelis Plus III offers accurate cutting in both, hard and soft tissues, immediate effective and safe sterilization, no smear layers with 40% better bonding strength, and less pulp edema. In short, all problematic situations when having to deal with a crown width invasion can be dealt with in one visit, with minimal discomfort and no down-time for the patient.

During a Cerec procedure the Fidelis Plus III's laser sources are used for preparations of the join margin and cavity, in which more healthy tooth structure is preserved and damage to neighboring structure is avoided. Both laser sources can also be used for high-precision gingival sculpting with immediate hemostasis and disinfection, which leaves a clean surgical field and induces faster healing. The combination of the 2 laser sources even allows closed flap gingival and osseous recontouring to be performed in the same visit so that it is possible to create an ideal biological width for the final restoration in the same visit.

It is clear the advantages of both Cerec and Fidelis Plus III procedures complement each other in terms of the unmatched levels of patient comfort and the convenience for both patient and practitioner provided by both technologies to complete an otherwise complex procedure in just one visit. The unique advantages of both technologies combined offer the modern dental practitioner many new and exciting treatment options, not to mention a limitless advantage over competition.

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