Fotona Technologies in High Demand at IMCAS 2016

3 February 2016

Fotona demonstrated three of its most popular laser systems at IMCAS (SP Dynamis, FotonaSmooth SP and QX MAX) and also participated in several IMCAS lectures, Masterclass discussions, a Live demo, and hosted a very productive evening seminar that presented an overview of novelties in the field of aesthetics.

During the Live demo session, Fotona introduced its innovative new TightSculpting™ application that utilizes the novel MatrixView thermal sensor and S-11 scanner for enhanced body sculpting with true fat reduction and tightening. Dr. Leonardo Marini demonstrated the new TightSculpting procedure to a packed audience, which raised significant interest and drove many additional visits to the Fotona booth. During the Fotona evening seminar, Dr. Ashraf Badawi and Dr. Marini actively contributed to a lively discussion, with Dr. Marini presenting his work on facial discoloration using combined toning with two QX MAX wavelengths (Nd:YAG and KTP), as well as his results with FracTat™ tattoo removal.

Gynecology treatments were especially big at IMCAS this year, with three sessions in the feminine rejuvenation segment. As one of the pioneers in minimally invasive laser gynecology, Fotona is ideally positioned as a leader in this market. Dr. Marco Gambacciani presented a very well accepted lecture about Er:YAG treatment of vaginal atrophy. In fact, the interest in feminine rejuvenation exceeded the organizer's expectations, with the lecturing hall being far too small for all participants. Beyond gynecology, Fotona's unique Er:YAG SMOOTH® mode was also presented in Dr. Badawi's lecture on Non-ablative periocular rejuvenation , also known as the “Smooth-eye” protocol for periocular non-ablative skin tightening, with the aim to tighten upper eye-lids.

This year, for the first time, IMCAS also organized a number of “Masterclass” sessions during which professionals discussed issues connected with aesthetics in various regions of the world. Fotona participated in the Middle East Masterclass, presided by Prof. Ashraf Badawi, as well as the Eastern Europe session during which Dr. Yegor Kolodchenko presented his experiences with lasers in aesthetics, including Fotona’s novel 4D® rejuvenation procedure.

Throughout the IMCAS Paris congress, Fotona's exhibition booth drew the attention of numerous aesthetic practitioners and anti-aging experts eager to learn more about the power and versatility of Fotona’s advanced laser systems. Visit our Product Selector Page to find out which Fotona laser system offers the right mix of performance and value for the needs of your practice.