Official Launch of LA&HA Master’s Program

27 May 2016

The LA&HA Master’s Program in Laser Dentistry is an educational curriculum designed by the Laser and Health Academy to provide participants with a comprehensive level of knowledge about laser use in dentistry as well as the skills and competency needed for using modern dental laser systems.

A total of 5 separate program modules (3-4 days each) are required for completion of the program, which may take place over a maximum of 3 years. After each module, the participant’s learning improvement is assessed by examination. After successful participation in the LA&HA Master’s program, participants will receive the title Master in Laser Dentistry during an award ceremony that is held each year at the LA&HA Symposium.

The first module of the Master’s Program represents a comprehensive overview of dental laser applications, laser physics, laser interactions with different biological tissues, laser safety, and proper handling of a laser system in the dental office. The next module, undertaken in cooperation with LA&HA’s partnering dental education centers, will present detailed insights into the proper use of lasers in a range of dental specialties.

This year's inaugural class has 12 enthusiastic participants from six countries around the globe. Some of the students were new to lasers, while others had already been working with lasers for several years. In addition to the lectures, the group participated in practical experiments, toured Fotona’s laser production facility, engaged in detailed discussions and had lots of fun!