13th ICPR: Laser and Health Academy Lecturer presents findings in “The Use of Erbium Lasers in the Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease”

18 June 2008

One study evaluated and compared the long-term clinical outcomes of Er:YAG laser-assisted periodontal flap surgery versus conventional treatment with the modified Widman flap procedure. The results of the study demonstrated that Er:YAG laser surgery performed on single rooted teeth with chronic periodontitis yielded greater probing depth reduction and gains in clinical attachment level for up to 3 years, compared to conventional flap surgery. The short-term results obtained with both treatments can be maintained over 5 years.

In a second study the efficacy of Er:YAG laser to improve root coverage procedure results was assessed. A coronally positioned flap was determined to be a predictable method to achieve root coverage in gingival recessions. Results suggested that the Er:YAG laser improves, for up to 18 months, the clinical outcomes of gingival recession treatment by means of a coronally position flap.