Fotona’s Unveils the Future of Dentistry at IDS

27 March 2017

Fotona’s booth at IDS was buzzing with activity this year with a record number of congress attendees seeking information about the company’s latest dental technologies. Fotona used the occasion of the 37th International Dental Show to officially announce its revolutionary new ASP (Adaptive Structured Pulse) technology, a key breakthrough needed for next-generation dental treatments, as well as the latest models of the company’s award-winning laser system, the all-new LightWalker ST-E Pro and the updated ST-E Advanced systems.

All LightWalker laser systems now include Fotona’s groundbreaking ASP (Adaptive Structured Pulse) technology, which represents a cosmic shift forward for the medical and dental laser industry. This third-generation technology combines the unsurpassed range of pulse duration modes of Fotona’s VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology with the revolutionary new capability to adapt the temporal structure of laser pulses to the bio-photonic dynamics of laser-tissue interaction, resulting in faster and more effective treatments as well as entirely new treatment possibilities.

Fotona also introduced a major enhancement to its Laser Endodontic treatment, which now incorporates the revolutionary SWEEPS™ (shock wave enhanced emission photoacoustic streaming) mode. SWEEPS™ uses the power of the Er:YAG laser to create non-thermal photoacoustic shock waves within the cleaning and debriding solutions introduced in the canal. Following SWEEPS™ treatment, the canals and subcanals are left clean and the dentinal tubules are free of a smear layer.

Dental practitioners visiting the company’s booth also enjoyed the opportunity to test the efficiency of the LightWalker in action, cutting into hard and soft tissues with different models of the company’s handpieces. On Friday evening, Fotona also hosted an evening dinner event which attracted a sizeable turnout, with an overview presentation of the company’s latest dental innovations and an informative lecture by Dr. Kresimir Simunovic on the topic of laser biomodulation and anti-snoring treatments.

As one of the pioneering developers of dental laser technology, Fotona remains committed to serving the needs of the global dental community by designing and manufacturing cutting-edge dental laser systems and applications based on over 50 years of continuous laser-technology research.