Fotona Launches Next Generation Dental Laser Systems

22 August 2008

August 20th, 2008. The 2008 WFLD Congress was the venue for the Fotona's global launch of its latest Fidelis dental laser systems generation; the AT/HT Fidelis generation.

An extension of the popular Fidelis III range, this newest generation is led by the AT Fidelis, an All Tissue treatment platform. The AT Fidelis builds on the unique, high performance features of its predecessor the Fidelis Plus III. It incorporates the world's fastest Er:YAG laser for hard tissue drilling with a broadened operating range to include soft tissue surgery. In addition, it includes Fotona's top-of-the-line Nd:YAG laser to provide trouble-free endodontic, surgical and aesthetic procedures. This combination of highest performance lasers ensures that dentists will have the most complete set of dental laser treatment options available in one, single treatment station. The AT/HT Fidelis range is further completed by the HT Fidelis, the single Er:YAG laser version of the AT Fidelis.

Both systems remain VSP Technology supported, enabling full control of the laser-tissue effect and providing constant laser intensities throughout the pulse. VSP Technology provides this generation with an unprecedented five selectable pulse duration modes for full treatment control. All systems now feature the latest in touchscreen navigation systems with pre-set treatment programs and parameter storage capabilities for complete treatment management. Its Comfort Mode provides a simplified user-interface with pre-set programs allowing standard daily procedures to be performed quickly and safely. Treatment settings can be further fine-tuned using Advanced Mode. The industry's first TeGI (Tissue effect Graphical Interface) remains a central feature to provide users a precise graphical indication of the laser tissue effects as various parameters are selected.

An additional feature is the wireless footswitch which improves the systems' mobility and versatility in the dental practice, while the systems incorporate completely independent air and water supplies. Other features are EFC Technology for laser power control and auto-calibration, and ESC Technology for water and air spray management. Aesthetic Upgrades are available with all systems to enable practices and clinics to provide a wide range of popular aesthetic facial treatments, ranging from hair removal to skin rejuvenation treatments.

The AT/HT Fidelis generation is set to further revolutionize dentistry by bringing highest performance lasers into dental care.

AT Fidelis

HT Fidelis