Dr. Paraskevas Kakas Presents Experience as Expert Lecturer to the Laser & Health Academy

11 September 2008

Dr. Kakas is specialized in rejuvenation, vaginal rejuvenation techniques, laser surgery and body sculpting. His presentation emphasized the important advantages of the combined use of Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers in acne treatments and anti-aging treatments. Dr. Kakas is C.E.O. of the Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Dr. Kakas prefers Er:YAG lasers for skin resurfacing and other ablative procedures as they inherently provide maximal ablation of the target tissue with minimal collateral damage due to their high absorption in water. In comparison to CO2 lasers, Er:YAG lasers ablate more precisely and provide better ablation depth control. Therefore they cause minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissues. Dr. Kakas predominantly performs skin resurfacing with Er:YAG laser on patients with skin types 1 to 4.

Dr. Kakas introduced his own treatment technique to participants for cystic acne. For patients this type of acne lesions is very irritating as they are very painful, and the infection cannot be cured overnight. Dr. Kakas' innovative combination of Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers has shown great success in treating  this type of acne. In a first step Dr. Kakas uses the Nd:YAG laser to disinfect the entire area around the acne cysts. Afterwards individual acne cysts are treated with the Er:YAG laser. Dr. Kakas uses the Er:YAG laser to drill a minuscule hole in the thinnest part of the abscess, making a route for it to clear. A longer Er:YAG pulse mode is used to provide additional disinfection and coagulation. An advantage of this minimally invasive technique is that near-by pores are not irritated by the procedure and as the acute swelling is reduced, the risk of developing new cysts in the vicinity is reduced. Based on years of experience with the procedure, Dr. Kakas is convinced no significant side effects are to be expected, especially if the patient is also introduced to hormone therapy. While treating active acne Dr. Kakas starts a skin remodeling treatment in order to achieve best effect and impact for the patient. The procedure does not require anesthesia or any other excessive pre-treatment preparations. The treatment was demonstrated live to participants after the presentation.

Dr. Kakas also covered the treatment of xanthelasma, age spots and fractional resurfacing and rejuvenation. He further emphasized the importance of patient preparation and realistic expectations.

After the lecture session, lively debate and practical demonstration, Dr. Kakas accepted the invitation as a member and Expert Lecturer of the Laser and Health Academy.