The Most Advanced Q-Switched Technology Now Available From Fotona

11 September 2008

This latest addition to Fotona's Aesthetic and Dermatology range is the highest, single pulse energy, Q-switched laser system available on the market today. It is an advanced version of the already popular Fotona QX. The QX MAX is the most efficient and effective solution in Fotona's Q-switched lasers range, for the removal of most complex, multi-colored tattoos and all common pigmented lesions, as well as allowing a broad range of popular aesthetic treatments.

The QX MAX, 5-in-1 laser system is the ultimate tool to provide efficient solutions to transform patients' lives by removing unwanted tattoos. And featuring 5 different laser sources it significantly expands any laser practice's treatment offer. The system incorporates Q-switched Nd:YAG and KTP:YAG lasers, and two additional 585 nm and 650 nm wavelengths. These four Q-switched laser sources can remove complex tattoos that include black, blue and sky blue, red, tan, and green colors. Due to QX MAX' ability to create the highest, single pulse energy it is possible to more effectively treat deeper-lying targets using larger spotsizes with larger penetration depth.

Another unique feature of the QX MAX is its Accelera Nd:YAG laser, the system's fifth laser source, that provides very effective hair removal, skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments. It supports Fotona's newest FRAC3 modality for non-ablative 3D fractional rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. Through the Accelera laser's extremely short laser pulses, FRAC3 exclusively targets age-related skin imperfections and creates a 3D treatment pattern in the skin. FRAC3 treatments show better results and faster healing.

Additional innovative features are the patent-pending OPTOflex arm which includes Fotona's Vacuum Cell Technology to create absolute uniform laser beam profiles. This way energy is evenly distributed across the treated area thus minimizing epidermal damage during treatments, avoiding tissue splatter, excessive punctuate bleeding and texture changes in the skin. Patients' safety is further ensured with support of Fotona's EFC Technology for laser power control and auto-calibration. A wireless footswitch option in addition contributes to the ease-of-use of the system by providing increased mobility and avoiding nasty cable tangles on the treatment room floor. Overall Fotona QX MAX treatments are more comfortable, highly efficient and effective.