New Pixel Screen Technology A Cost-Effective Solution to Provide Fractional Treatments

22 October 2008

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Indications for use of the Er:YAG laser are continuously expanding. Recent highly-popularized fractional techniques have been based on producing clusters of microscopic wounds on the skin surface. These microscopic wounds are rapidly reepithelialized by the surrounding, undamaged tissue, thus sparing the epidermis. The advantage of PST compared to other fractional technologies is that the quality and the parameters of the laser beam within the pixels remains unchanged to that of the basic beam properties. PST does not require costly consumables or highly sophisticated add-ons to provide fractional treatments. This latest Fotona innovation enables practitioners to perform a wider range of both minimally ablative and non-ablative fractional treatment modalities at fully clinically-tested laser parameters. PST provides another dimension in the treatment of various skin conditions, avoiding some of the adverse effects of pure ablative laser procedures. The combination of Fotona's latest Er:YAG technologies, presented in the paper (PST, SMOOTH treatments and TURBO mode), provide the practitioner with an unequaled 11 basic and 11 fractional treatment modalities.

Without consumables and sophisticated add-ons, Fotona's Pixel Screen Technology is an extremely cost-effective modality to provide patients the most popular, minimally-invasive treatments. The technology does not require any major additional investment for Fotona Er:YAG system owners, making it a great solution to boost practice turnover in financially turbulent times.