The 1st Laser and Health Academy UK Symposium

1 October 2018

The 1st Laser and Health Academy UK Symposium, organized by Fotona’s UK distributor, Castle House Medical, was a great success in terms of raising awareness, providing education and promoting Fotona’s comprehensive line of laser systems in the UK market. It was also the perfect opportunity for introducing the new LA&HA UK Training Centre and its research and education activities.

The event was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, which proved to be an outstanding venue for UK practitioners to gain greater theoretical knowledge of advanced laser applications as well as hands-on experience with some of Fotona’s latest systems. The Symposium featured more than a dozen presentations from international speakers who presented the latest aesthetic, dermatology and gynecology laser applications such as: non-invasive face lifting (Fotona 4D®), non-invasive lipolysis (TightSculpting®), anti-snoring (NightLase®), gynecology and aesthetic gynecology such as treatment of SUI (incontinence), GSM (atrophy), vaginal laxity, podiatry (onychomycosis, warts..) and many other applications.

The second day of the Symposium was devoted to hands-on live practical demonstrations of aesthetic procedures with Fotona’s SP Dynamis & StarWalker systems, including several treatments that are widely performed but are not yet described in the laser applications manual. The afternoon also included a gynecology session, led by two of our most prominent multi centric study researchers, Dr. Christian Phillips and Dr. Philip Tooz-Hobson.

We are very pleased with the response to this first UK Symposium event and look forward to seeing you in London next year for the 2nd UK LA&HA Symposium!