U.S. Laser Dentistry Partner Expands Training Program

7 November 2008

The Masters of Laser Dentistry, consisting of Dr. James Jesse, Dr. Ron Kaminer, and Dr. Dan McEowen, will provide a comprehensive two-day basic-level training course for new Fotona Lares Powerlase® AT users at their training center in Hewlett, New York.

The Montana Center for Laser Dentistry, consisting of Dr. Mark Colonna, Dr. Robert Barr, and Dr. Enrico DiVito, will provide a two-day advanced-level training course for new Powerlase® AT users at their training center in Whitefish, Montana. Two additional two-day advanced-level training courses will also be available to Powerlase® AT users after their first full year of laser use.

The pioneering laser clinicians from these two premier laser training organizations have trained more than 4,000 dentists since 1998, and are also responsible for the development of many of the hard and soft tissue laser protocols used today by laser dentists worldwide. Click here to read more the training organizations.

Visitors at the ADA Conference in San Antonio have already been given the opportunity to experience the benefits of this new partnership. Dr. Colonna of the Montana Center of Laser Dentistry and Dr. Kaminer of the Masters of Laser Dentistry presented "Laser Dentistry Made Easy" daily on the Lares Research booth.

Commenting on the new partnership, Dr. Matjaz Lukac, Fotona President, said: "High level training is exceptional added value to our laser systems and will allow practitioners to get the most out of our systems in a minimum of time. After experiencing the performance of the Powerlase® AT in their own practices, these outstanding clinicians switched to the Powerlase® AT. We are proud to be associated with partners that clearly value the highest performance benefits and unique qualities of our laser systems. We are very excited to know that they will be transferring their many years of experience and knowledge in laser dentistry to new users using the Powerlase® AT."