More Value for Money Fractional Treatment Modalities

27 November 2008

Both handpieces are incorporated in Fotona's, high quality and durability Titanium range. The PS01 is a "soft fractional" PST handpiece which provides soft and gradual fractional clinical effects, making it especially suited for minimally ablative and non-ablative fractional treatments with larger spotsizes. The PS02 is a "sharp fractional" PST handpiece which adds a minimally invasive, fractional treatment effect to Fotona's 9 basic VSP Er:YAG ablative regimes. The Laser and Health Academy introduces and explains Fotona's latest Pixel Screen Technology (PST) in a paper on "Novel Fractional Treatments with VSP Erbium YAG Aesthetic Lasers". Click here to download the paper.

Dr. Tom Sult, Fotona's US Medical Director, comments: "Fractional techniques have been based on producing clusters of microscopic wounds on the skin surface. These wounds are rapidly reepithelialized by the surrounding, undamaged tissue, thus sparing the epidermis." Fotona's PST fractional treatment range lies within the minimally invasive end of the fractional treatments spectrum currently available on the market. The advantage of PST compared to other fractional technologies is that the quality and the parameters of the Er:YAG laser within each pixel remain identical to that of the basic Er:YAG beam properties. "Using PST practitioners thus add a minimally invasive, fractional dimension to classical Er:YAG treatments, avoiding some of the adverse effects related to the invasiveness of purely ablative and fractional treatments. Practitioners can thus perform a wider range of fractional treatments that are fully clinically-tested for classical Er:YAG treatments. The combination of Fotona's latest Er:YAG supporting technologies (PST and Smooth mode) now provides an unequaled 11 basic Er:YAG and 11 fractional Er:YAG treatment modalities." continues Dr. Sult.

Dr. Matjaž Lukač, Fotona President, continues: "With the development of PST, Fotona has leveraged its strong R&D capabilities, to come up with a cost-effective and innovative solution that will allow our customers to provide the most popular aesthetic treatments at this moment. PST does not require costly consumables, upgrades or highly sophisticated add-ons to provide fractional treatments. The PST handpieces are simply compatible with our Er:YAG laser systems. Even more, our PST's treatment principle is purely based on adding a minimally invasive element to golden standard Er:YAG treatments. We do not expect Er:YAG users to need invest and go through the same learning curve other fractional treatment modalities require. With the technology not requiring any major additional investment for Fotona Er:YAG system owners, we are offering a great solution to boost practice turnover in financially turbulent times. In effect, Fotona customers get more value for their money with the combination of our Er:YAG systems and PST."