Fotona Launches Highest Performance System for Aesthetic Surgical Procedures

18 December 2008

Surgeries can offer patients popular surgical treatments such as endovenous laser treatments of varicose veins and laser-assisted lipolysis, as well as revenue-boosting aesthetic treatments such as FRAC3 rejuvenation, hair removal and, acne and vascular treatments.

The XP-2 Focus features a 30W power-generating capacity for its Quasi-Continuous Wave (QCW) Nd:YAG, allowing the system to generate peak powers beyond 5kW, ensuring highest performance efficiency and efficacy in surgical procedures. Results have shown exceptionally high long-term success rates, significantly shorter recovery times and minimal discomfort for the patient. The XP-2 Focus is VSP Technology supported which not only contributes to treatment safety by providing square-shaped pulses, but also provides a wider range of pulse durations. This allows surgeons to precisely define the thermal effect in the target tissue, thereby providing unequaled treatment control.

The system's new user-interface has been designed from the surgeon's perspective, providing full view of all crucial parameters on one screen during the treatment. With VSP Technology support parameters can be changed during the procedure at a touch of a button. The XP-2 Focus is also equipped with a multiple treatment parameter storage function, allowing surgeons to quickly and easily access previously used parameters. An additional new feature is the cumulative energy function on the central display which shows delivered cumulative energy at all times during the treatment.

The XP-2 Focus' PULSE Nd:YAG enables surgeons to also provide transdermal, non-ablative aesthetic procedures. As a Golden Standard wavelength in Aesthetic Laser Medicine the PULSE Nd:YAG can be safely used on all skin types to provide lucrative and revenue-boosting treatments including hair removal, acne and vascular treatments. Even more! The XP-2 Focus is capable of producing extremely short Accelera Nd:YAG type pulses which are the basis for Fotona's unique FRAC3, non-ablative, 3D self-induced fractional modality for skin rejuvenation treatments

The newest XP-2 Focus is the ideal choice laser system to combine both the trendiest aesthetic surgical procedures with a wide range of popular, non-surgical aesthetic treatment. Its highest performance features will ensure your surgical procedures will reach levels of efficiency and effectiveness, higher than ever before.