Successful Promotion of Fotona SMOOTH® in Bulgaria

4 April 2019

Fotona’s Bulgarian distributor, Global Aesthetics, organized a very successful seminar immediately following Bulgaria’s national gynecology conference, which was held from March 21st to 24th and attended by more than 400 gynecologists from around the country.

The very well-organized post-congress seminar led by Global Aesthetics attracted 42 gynecologists and 15 journalists, resulting in very significant media coverage. The purpose of the event was to present and discuss the application and results of Fotona’s unique gynecological laser therapies. Among the speakers were Prof. Marco Gambacciani, Director of the Menopause Center at the Department of Reproductive Medicine at Santa Clara University Hospital in Pisa, Italy, and Dr. Natasha Mitrevska from Skopje, Macedonia, a specialist in aesthetic gynecology. The host of the event was Assoc. Prof. Valentina Mazneikova.

The main speaker was Professor Marco Gambacciani, who shared his personal observations on laser therapy, explaining that 80% of women of all ages have similar gynecological problems and that classical treatments are long and costly. For this reason, Italy has already implemented a clinical pathway for free laser treatments, which includes 3-4 procedures, the effects of which last from 12-18 months, and a major benefit is that the therapy can also be preventive.

Dr. Natasha Mitrevska of Macedonia, a specialist in aesthetic gynecology, also lectured at the event, speaking about vulvar dermatoses and other topics, including the fears that patients have about discussing gynecological issues and how the subject of gynecological health should no longer be considered taboo. Based on her personal experience, at least 80% of her patients have declared a noticeable improvement as a result of their laser therapy.

We would like to congratulate Global Aesthetics for their outstanding efforts at organizing a very high-profile, professional event and we look forward to seeing the positive ripples that continue to spread throughout the local medical community.