Switzerland-based, Dr. Simunovic Presents Laser Dentistry Experience as Newest Laser & Health Academy Expert Lecturer

20 March 2009

Participants of the Academy's International Laser Dentistry workshop and last-year dentistry students from the Ljubljana University, Dental Faculty's optional Laser Dentistry program, were first given a theoretical overview by Dr. Simunovic of Er:YAG, Nd:YAG and diode lasers in dentistry. In the second part of his presentation he provided in-depth insights in their clinical application through well-documented case studies.

In his daily practice, Dr. Simunovic relies on the Er:YAG laser in hard and soft tissue therapy, pulp therapy and even provides analgesia and decay prevention with the Er:YAG laser. Various clinical cases demonstrated how Dr. Simunovic makes good use of the wide variety of fiber tips Fotona offers for specific treatments. This enables him to make precise micropreparations for adhesive restorations which can be either direct or indirect, and combined with Cerec. Even in very tight spaces and at awkward angles, Dr. Simunovic can reach the to-be-treated area making full use of the different fiber tips. Fotona's range of Flexible tips offers Dr. Simunovic the ability to include the Er:YAG in perio- and endodontal laser-assisted procedure, where it compliments the Nd:YAG and diode lasers' specific treatment actions. Dr. Simunovic described several cases of extreme periodontal disease in which the combination of laser sources assisted in no uncertain terms in saving the patients' teeth. He further discussed how he makes integrated use of the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers in root canal treatments and the treatment of active fistula, providing patients virtually instant relief of symptoms, often in an emergency situation. The Nd:YAG and diode lasers are used in his daily practice in laser-assisted perio- and endodontic treatment, as well as soft tissue therapy and surgery.

Dr. Simunovic further discussed how he applies lasers in cosmetic dentistry for teeth whitening and veneer preparations, and in implant dentistry to uncover implants and treat peri-implantitis. He has also found benefit in using lasers in pediatric dentistry and minor surgical procedures, such as frenectomies, where lasers offer benefits in terms of treatment ease, speed and a reduced need for anesthesia. In a last treatment segment Dr. Simunovic explained to participants how Nd:YAG, Er:YAG and diode lasers can be used in Low Level Light Therapies to treat tooth neck sensitivity and provide photo-dynamic therapies.

Dr. Simunovic is a dental practitioner who has integrated lasers in his daily practice, wherever he has found benefit. Not only does his work benefit from his use of lasers, but also his patients profit from his use of Fotona's technology. With his profound knowledge and experience in this area, and excellent communication skills, Dr. Simunovic is a valuable edition to the LAHA Clinical Expert Lecturer's team.