Fotona Announces Launch of Fotona TV for Global Distributor Network

2 October 2020

Fotona is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its new Fotona TV initiative, designed to help its global network of distributors keep up to date with the latest clinical news, product updates and other exciting developments in the dynamic, fast-changing world of medical laser technology.

Each episode is designed to be short and focused, covering a variety of important topics in only 10 minutes.

You can watch an introductory preview here.

Stay tuned for the first full episode of Fotona TV, which will discuss the following news briefs:

Aesthetic News:

  • A new addition to our Fotona family – the StarFormer® magnetic muscle stimulation device
  • Don’t miss the latest must-read clinical bulletins and articles
  • A quick look at some impressive new software improvements for Dynamis
  • StarWalker PQX – helpful new instructional videos for system handling
  • "Why Doctors Love Fotona” – a true Fotona Family love story!
  • An expert webinar by Drs. Velez about pigment treatments with StarWalker MaQX
  • Exciting social media posts

Gynecology News:

  • A hot new article regarding the use of Fotona SMOOTH®
  • Two new devices – the IntimaLaser™, and the most recent addition to the Fotona family, the StarFormer® IntimaWave™
  • A short compilation of “Why Doctors Love Fotona”
  • Exciting social media posts

Dental News:

  • Er:YAG photoacoustic irrigation –  the must-have tool for successful endodontics
  • Photobiomodulation and pain management with an innovative new handpiece line
  • Exciting social media posts

We hope you enjoy the first episode of Fotona TV and we look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions for future content!

The Fotona Team