Dr. Ron Kaminer Awarded Laser & Health Academy Expert Clinical Lecturer Title

5 October 2009

Among the cases Dr. Kaminer also presented a novel use of Nd:YAG bio-stimulation in the treatment of long-term facial disability caused by Bells Palsy. In the presented case he passed a low level Nd:YAG beam across the left side of the patients face and neck (the areas which had been previously disabled for two and a half years). Immediately after the treatment the patient regained some movement in the previously disabled areas. Dr. Kaminer reported that the patient regained approximately 65% of the range of his facial movement after six similar treatment sessions.

Dr. Ron Kaminer is a 1990 graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in Buffalo New York. He has worked with lasers for 21 years and was one of the first 200 dentists in the United States to use a hard tissue laser. He has written numerous publications on Laser Dentistry, and lectures extensively on Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Lasers. He is the Co Founder of the Masters of Laser training course( Hewlett, NY), where he and his colleagues instruct both American and European new laser owners on how to use the Fidelis laser. Dr Kaminer is a clinical advisor to multiple Dental companies, including Fotona's US partner Lares Research. He maintains 2 offices, one in Hewlett, New York and the other in Oceanside, New York.