Fotona Becomes a New SPIRIT Ambassador of the Slovenian Economy

30 April 2021

Fotona is very proud to announce that the company has been chosen by the Slovenian Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology (SPIRIT Slovenia) as a new ambassador of the Slovenian economy. We are thrilled by the news that SPIRIT Slovenia has included our company in the national communication campaign for the promotion of Slovenia’s economy abroad.

As one of Slovenia’s most successful companies that have achieved outstanding results in the global competitive market, Fotona was recognized for having a sound business model and leading-edge products, solutions and services which demonstrate the three key messages at the heart of the campaign:

  • Green. A focus on sustainability, green technologies, corporate social responsibility, caring for the natural and social environment and the future of our planet.
  • Creative. Driven by exceptional human talent and the creativity of professionals who create added value through advanced knowledge.
  • Smart. Developing numerous efficient, high-tech, globally recognized solutions, services and products that help the company gain a competitive edge in the world marketplace.

Fotona is very excited to be actively involved in the upcoming promotional activities of SPIRIT Slovenia that support Slovenian investment and business in foreign markets, and we look forward to helping build a better future with green, creative and smart business solutions.