Practitioners Enthusiastic About the XS Dynamis Skin Resurfacing Workstation.

27 November 2009

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The XS Dynamis' principle treatment modalities range from superficial, light to deep laser peels, from non-ablative, coagulative to fully ablative rejuvenation and from full-filed to fractional resurfacing. Computer-controlled S-Runner and F-Runner Er:YAG scanner in conjunction with novel Turbo and V-Smooth modes, supported by proprietary VSP Technology, have set the XS Dynamis in a class apart in a wide selection of skin resurfacing workstation available today. Practitioners have remarked that it's not only down to its highest performance characteristics, which allows them to perform skin treatments faster, more efficiently and effectively, that make the XS Dynamis such an interesting system. Many are impressed by the depths that can be reached in skin ablation and coagulation, while the system allows for complete control over these depths and the ablation and coagulation ratio. The XS Dynamis finally enables practitioners to adopt a true "less is more" strategy in treatments and overcomes many of the limitations that were previously inherent to light-based skin treatments.

The Laser & Health Academy has recently released a Technology Review highlighting the most important technological feature and innovations included in this latest highest performance product from Fotona.


J.LAHA, XS Dynamis Technology Review, Vol. 2009, No. 3