New Study on 1064-nm Photobiomodulation as a Topical Anesthetic

23 August 2022

Local anesthetic injections are often associated with fear of needles and pain, and topical anesthetic agents, such as Benzocaine gel, can result in adverse side effects.

A new study by El Feghali et al. (2022), published in open-access journal, Photonics (MDPI), examines the efficacy of photobiomodulation (PBM) using Fotona`s 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser with flat-top Nd:YAG handpiece in inducing mucosal anesthesia as compared with application of 20% Benzocaine topical anesthetic gel.

This randomized, double-blind trial supports the effectiveness of 1064-nm photobiomodulation as a topical anesthetic. The effect has been proven to be similar to 20% Benzocaine, which is known to reduce pain intensity before LA injection. Moreover, with PBM therapy patients do not experience undesirable effects in terms of unpleasant taste and numbness of the entire mouth, possible allergic reactions or side effects as with chemicals, resulting in significantly higher overall satisfaction.

We encourage you to read the full-text of the study and share this exciting information with other practitioners.