VELA 2022 - the Latest Trends and Research in Laser Gynecology

16 November 2022

This year’s 8th annual International Focus Meeting in Rome was an impressive and successful event, with attendees from more than 26 countries taking part and a total of 28 presentations given by speakers representing 18 different nationalities.

There was noticeable excitement among all attendees, who were privileged to receive the first printed copies of the new book, The Laser Essentials: the Cookbook for Functional Gynecology and Aesthetics, published by Minerva Medica. The authors of this new publication are VELA members Dr. Marco Gambacciani, Dr. Adrian Gaspar & Dr. Jorge Gaviria.

In addition to the book, we also learned about other new research publications and new treatments in laser gynecology, and new ideas for potential new indications were shared and discussed. The VELA Academy, as an independent scientific organization devoted to women’s health and quality of life, remains focused on medical research, education and the publication of innovative gynecology applications with the use of laser & magnetic stimulation.