Fidelis Plus III – The best dental laser system in the world just got better

2 October 2006

The Fastest Drilling Laser in the World and More
The Fidelis Plus III builds on and enhances the capabilities of previous Fidelis systems - it is still the only laser capable of drilling speeds faster than those of conventional dental burrs. It also introduces new features to ensure ease and safety of use, including a clear and intuitive touch-screen navigation system, pre-set treatment programs, data storage and the industry's first Tissue-effect Graphical Interface (TeGI), providing a clear, graphical indication of the laser's effect on hard and soft tissue according to the treatment parameters selected. This tool enables practitioners to choose the perfect treatment settings for each procedure.

A Full Range of Treatment Options
The combination of dentistry's two most widely proven lasers, Er:YAG and Nd:YAG, in the one system, means the complete range of dental applications can be covered, from cavity preparation, to endodontics, periodontics and complex dental surgery, while ensuring that there is no trade-off between speed and versatility and the patient's comfort and safety.

More than just a Dental laser
Not only that, but uniquely, a simple upgrade will now allow you to provide facial aesthetic procedures such as the removal of unwanted hair, pigmented or superficial lesions as well as vascular lesions - adding a wholly new revenue stream to your practice.

Safety First
While the Fidelis Plus III is comprehensive, it certainly isn't complicated - it has been designed to make its use simple and safe. The system incorporates a number of operating modes and proprietary features (such as Variable Square Pulse and Electronic Feedback Control technology) that enable extremely fine control of the required action of the laser on the target tissue; thus offering unmatched precision, safety and ease-of-use.
As Dr. Ga¹pirc from the University Dental Center in Ljubljana says about his Fidelis Plus III:
"It has changed my life. Before using a dental laser system, patients were always scared of traditional dental equipment and of the pain... now with my Fidelis Plus III the pain is really reduced and the fear has gone. What is even more surprising, thanks to the aesthetics upgrade on my Fidelis Plus III, when I start to talk about the possibility of aesthetic treatments for their faces, the change is even greater - they really open up and become far more connected. I feel better and the patients really trust me!"
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