The VELA Academy Arrives in Brazil!

13 September 2023

It was our great pleasure to see the VELA Academy spreading its wings from Europe to South America and sharing its knowledge in Brazil for the first time. The 1st VELA Academy Brazil - International Focus Meeting took place in the beautiful city of Sao Paulo on the 25th of August 2023.

The meeting was open to attendees from all Latin American countries and as such the VELA Team welcomed attendees from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Columbia and Uruguay. VELA Academy chairman Dr. Prof. Marco Gambacciani opened proceedings and showcased some of the amazing scientific progress achieved by the VELA Academy in the past 9 years of active research and publishing.

Many international speakers from the field of laser gynecology attended including Dr. Marco Gambacciani (Italy), Dr. Jorge Gaviria (Venezuela), Dr. Claudia Pidal (Argentina), Dr. Cesar Arroyo (Peru) and Dr. Marco Levancini (Chile) among others.

The meeting was a spectacular success with many practitioners mentioning how much they learned about novel minimally invasive Fotona SMOOTH® laser gynecology procedures. Many doctors did not realize the number of different procedures that can be performed with a laser, such as SUI (incontinence), GSM (atrophy), vaginal tightening, episiotomy scar treatment and lichen sclerosus to mention but a few.

The role of magnetic StarFormer® HITS™ stimulation for pelvic floor muscle contraction was also a hot topic, with many doctors taking turns eager to try this fantastic treatment. Being able to offer pelvic floor soft-tissue rejuvenation together with muscle tissue strengthening is the perfect combination therapy.

In addition to these functional issues, the VELA Academy meeting also focused on a variety of demands among women relating to sexual well-being and aesthetics in gynecology. Overall the meeting was a fantastic success and we are looking forward to the next VELA Focus Meeting!